wtorek, 13 czerwca 2017

Watermark for LibreOffice Writer

Recently I was working on Watermark feature for LibreOffice Writer. In case of TSCP Classification it was possible to add "Confidential" watermark in the document background. I extended that with possibility to add custom text, font family, color, transparency level and angle. Additional dialog was introduced in the menubar under "Insert" > "Watermark...".

I improved also export and import for that kind of shapes from .dotx files. Now font-family is correctly loaded:

RTF import also was improved, before Watermark was visible as a plain text:

3 komentarze:

  1. Hi, Szymon. Does it will be available in LO 5.4?

    1. There is a small problem. When you add a watermark, a header is automatically added in the page and if it is deleted, the watermark is automatically deleted.

      I often use formatting marks and it's easy to see when something changes, I guess this is because it derives from TSCP functionality.