sobota, 4 lutego 2017

Nixie clock #1 - boost converter and my first PCB

Some time ago I bought couple of nixie tubes. Nixie tubes look nice especially in the dark. When I've seen them for the first time I decided to build something on my own (I'm going to build a clock).

First I had to build boost converter because tubes are working with high voltage (170-190V). I used this one which converts input voltage in range 9-12V to needed values. Output can be modified with potentiometer. After I bought all parts and assembled circuit I tested it with tube:

Today I've created my first PCB using thermal transfer of a circuit printed (using laser printer) on the special glossy paper. It was also etched in a Sodium Persulfate solution. Results:

It is not perfect but pretty good considering that it was my first time :) I will put on that board my boost converter.


Board after soldering.

Project files: